ICPCR provides an interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of various views on peace and conflict resolution. New advances in research and theory along with practical achievements in peace and conflict resolution inquiries would be shared among participants. ICPCR brings together the leading academic scholars and researchers in this domain of interest from around the world. Topics for paper submission include, but are not limited to:


Principal Concepts in Peace Studies                                         Principal Concepts in Conflict Resolution

Theoretical Frameworks to Understanding Peace                       Schools & Theories of Conflict Resolution  

Schools & Theories of Peace                                                   Practical Patterns of Conflict Resolution

Strategies for Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping                        Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Psychology of Peace and Violence                                           Psychology of Conflict Resolution

Sociology of Peace and Violence                                             Sociology of Conflict Resolution

Anthropology of Peace and Volence                                        Anthropology of Conflict Resolution

Globalization and Peace                                                        Globalization and Conflict Resolution

The Role of Education in Creating a Peaceful World                  The Role of Education in Conflict Resolution

Religion and Ethics of Peace                                                  The Role of Religious Leaders in Conflict Resolution

Peace and Human Rights                                                      Conflict Resolution and Human Rights

The Role of Media, Arts & Sports in Creating Peace                  Conflict Resolution in Media, Arts & Sports

Peace and Development                                                       Conflict Resolution and Development

Peace and Environment                                                        Conflict Resolution and Environment