Workshop Registration Guideline

To register for the workshop follow the following instruction:

1. Go to the "Workshop Registration" in the "Registration" tab.

2. Select your membership type (students/teachers) and click on the "Save" button.

3. After saving the registration, your registration details will appear. Click on billing and payment.

4. On the new page, click on "Continue billing".

5. In the next page, instead of sending a photo of the payment receipt, Iranian students send a scan of their national ID card and click on the "Save Bill" button.

6. Once the confirmation is sent to your e-mail, go to the section "View the participation card in the conference" in the registration tab and print your card.

To use this option, please register first and then login with your username and password.

Workshops Registration Form

01 May 2019


Iranian Rial
Foreign Students
Custom registration type 1
Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Capacity: 30
Participants: 24
Ville BrummerEdward Marques Moritz Ehrmann
If you want to use this regisster type, please change register type from personal information.
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