Goals of the Conference

Security has been one of the first and most obvious human needs from ancient times. Peace and coexistence causes the establishment and continuation of security, and conflict causes insecurity, violence, war and destruction. Human happiness in this world can only be achieved through peace and security, and any kind of progress and development is possible with peace and peaceful coexistence. Any kind of war and violence destroys people, God's blessings and nature, and this is against God's tradition, which always seeks to create and give blessings. As much as war and violence is an immoral act, creating peace and trying to resolve the conflict is a moral and desirable act.

The West Asia and the Middle East, with several thousand years history and civilization has experienced peace and security. Also, a significant part of the world's armed conflicts are ongoing in this region. Due to the amount of weapons purchased and stored in this region and the types of disputes, universities and research centers, scientists and elites should deal with the issue of peace and conflict resolution with more commitment and sense of responsibility. In line with its social responsibility, the University of Tehran has decided to hold the International Conference on Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution on an annual basis with the presence of domestic and international experts.

The most important goals of this conference are as follows:

  1. Identification of professors, researchers and works related to peace and conflict resolution in Iran and the world;
  2. Creating an environment for dialogue and exchange of experiences between professors, researchers and specialists in peace and conflict resolution in Iran and the world;
  3. Creating and promoting literature and texts related to peace and conflict resolution Strategies;
  4. Publishing a collection of articles and works related to peace and conflict resolution skills;
  5. Communication with international scientific centers active in the field of peace studies and conflict resolution;
  6. Conducting research workshops with the aim of training techniques and skills of negotiation and conflict resolution.