Dear ICPCR presenter,

Hope to see your abstract has been chosen to be presented in our technical panels. Your presence will be delighting our conference. There are few reminding tips that hope you will find them well.

All the foreign participants of the conference should pay an amount of 150 US-dollars as the participation fee. The related amount will be received on the first day of your presence by cash in our "sign up desk". Moreover, another 150 US-dollars will cost as the Food Service Fee which includes 2 meals and 4 snacks between the panels during the two days of the conference. Respected presenters flight ticket fees and all the other accommodation, transportation and other expenses will be on their own.

We can provide accommodation facilities near the venue for you, if you are willing to. The related expenses will be told in future by your interest.

If you want to be transferred by our English speaker guides, we can provide pick up service for you which will be cost 30 dollars for both arrival and departure.

If you are willing to visit Tehran city, we can provide one-day tour for you to become familiar with the capital of Iran, the tour will have cost you extra payments.

If you want to stay more and visit other cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz, a two-to-three-day tour will be prepared for you by your interest.

If you have special diet limitation or any physical or religious cautions, please let us know.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us on


Warm Regards 

ICPCR Secretariat



Where and when the conference would be held?

The Fifth International Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution will be held in person and online by the Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, on May 27-28, 2024.

 How can I register? What are the registration rates?

In order to register in the conference, you can simply click on Register on the upper right of the main page. You shall fill the form and you may simply check “I want to participate in Conference” to join the attendees of this conference.

 How much would be the registration fee to take part in the present conference?

The registration fee for non-Iranian students and professors is 150$. The registration fee is being paid only in cash at the conference reception desk.

Participant willing to have meals and beverages for the days of conference should pay another 150$ for such service.

 Where can I access the conference deadlines?

You can easily access the conference important dates on the left side of the homepage

Do all attendees need to register for the conference?

Yes. All participants with/out article presentations have to register to facilitate visa processes and other logistics such as food and beverage.

I have a PowerPoint/handout to accompany my presentation. What shall I do?

The PowerPoint presentation is available for all participants. If there is any posters or other handouts, you may inform the secretariat in case you received our acceptance email, please.  

 Are any workshops included in conference, and if yes, how shall I register?

Yes, there is a workshop the day after the conference. It would be announced in Workshops tab on the conference homepage and there you may register.

What do I need to do if I want to cancel my registration?

It is enough you email us at

What are the main documents needed for visa?

All non-Iranian Conference participants shall send us the first page of their passport, personal photo, and complete postal address and phone contacts. We try our best to facilitate the process, but every participant naturally needs to approach the nearest embassy or consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Are there any funds, including travel expenses or accommodations, for conference participants?

Due to our limited financial resources, we unfortunately can’t fund the conference participants.